Different Fencing Services Our Welding Specialists Can Offer

Fences are built to protect people. To keep your fences invincible for a long time, you’ll need a skilled artisan who can weld them to perfection. You’ll find one in Levi Ottmers Custom Welding! Our welding specialists are skilled in crafting different types of fences. Here are the different services you can enjoy from us in Stonewall, TX:

Fence Installation

Have you decided on the design of your fence? Perhaps, you want to know the best fencing material you can use for the project? Are you worried that your budget for the installation isn’t enough to cover all the tasks? Our welding specialists will answer all of these questions. With our experience and knowledge, you can look forward to our cost-effective and innovative recommendations.

If you allow us, we can give you advice on how to lower your overall fence installation expenses. We’ll do that by eliminating any unnecessary jobs and by avoiding redos. Our welding specialists aren’t just concerned about your current needs. Trust that our final output will save you from constant repairs and maintenance costs in the future.

Fence Repair

Do you want to keep your fence strong? Our company also does fence repair services. We can replace the broken metal parts, and even repaint them. Regardless of what type of metal your fence is made of, expect that we’ll connect and fix them in no time.

Fence Replacement

Do you feel that it’s time for your old fence to say goodbye? Perhaps, you’re not contented with its features? Levi Ottmers Custom Welding will help you replace them. We’ll even make your ideas better, and plans more feasible. These are our specialties. If you’re a regular customer, perhaps, we can give you discounts!

Are you looking for a welding specialist in Stonewall, TX for your fence services? Levi Ottmers Custom Welding is BBB accredited for the job! To enjoy quality welding service at a cheap price, don’t hesitate to call us at (830) 223-2845 today.