Our Services Explained

Do you need skilled and knowledgeable welding workers for an enterprise of yours? Do you live in Stonewall, TX? Levi Ottmers Custom Welding is here to discuss the following services and products:

Welding Companies

Welding Companies


We are surrounded by metal items that are strong, durable, and beautiful at the same time. If you need professional welding services for a project of yours, do not skip our company. We work with highly-effective tools to unite two or more metal parts and produce a final product. Our team implements consistent working methods, such as gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc, or tungsten inert gas welding to produce magnificent and strong metalwork. You can trust our proficient welders to do everything professionally and safely. You can contact our company for affordable and reliable installation and repair services. We offer customizable weld work at very reasonable rates.

Metal Works

If you need proficient welders that can provide a diversity of metal works, you have selected the right company. We offer impeccable custom welding services at bargain rates. Using specialized tools and equipment, we know how to perform top-quality welds for your iron fence, gate, cattle guards, entrances, or pole barn awnings. Just tell us the specifications of your project and watch how efficient our work can be. Utilizing some of the most common welding techniques, we can create magnificent and durable metal products to beautify your property and make it safe and secure. For any questions, do not hesitate and give us a call today. We are a legitimate company you can trust!

Gate Installation & Repair

Metal gates come in an amazing variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Do you feel confused by the various options available on the market? Don’t be, we are here to assist you with the installation of the most suitable option for your residence or commercial building. If you already have an iron gate that needs repair, call us. We will be happy to contribute to its sturdiness and longevity.

Fence Building and Installation

If you need an experienced welder to build and install an elegant and sturdy fence around your property, you should opt for our services. Our iron works are structurally-stable and beautiful. The tools we use help us achieve the desired result. But why would you need a team of reliable welders for your fence installation instead of a fence contractor? Maybe, because we know how to work with metal and implement highly-effective working techniques? Or perhaps, because we are specially-trained and have spent over a decade in this industry? Think about it and call our technicians if you any questions. We will be glad to speak with you about your demands and preferences.

Fencing Services

Do you need a beautiful and durable metal fence around your property? Do you want to prevent possible cattle loss or intruder attacks? We are the welders you need because we will design and install the most durable fence to make your real estate eye-catching and safe.

Patio Barn Installation

If you wish to maximize your property and install a nice shed on or next to your patio, our company can provide numerous alternatives. Whether it’s a potting shed, a small unit to keep your patio furniture, somewhere safe to keep your tools, etc. We can help you make a worthwhile investment.

Pole Barn Installation

The construction of a pole barn is a difficult job, but we can help you streamline the whole process. This is a multi-functional structure. Let our experts help you choose the material, size, and design in a way it serves all your functions.

Automatic Gate Opener Repair and Installation

When you have an automatic gate opener that is not functioning correctly, you may be looking into having it replaced. Just because there is an issue, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be repaired. We are one of the welding companies in the area that can take a look at your existing automatic gate opener and fix the issues for you. This will prevent the need to replace it. We can also provide you with the new installation services you might need. We work with all kinds of openers, brands, and models, and you can leave the installation and repair process to our experts.

Other Services

You can get in touch with Levi Ottmers Custom Welding for the fabrication and installation of comfortable awnings, cattle grids, and entrances. To prevent animal injuries and loss, our team will help you place those useful grids in strategic places, so your livestock will not cross the boundaries of your property.

Do you want to take advantage of our reliable and affordable welding services? All you have to do is give our pros a call at (830) 223-2845. We are in Stonewall, TX.